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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hawaiian Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have been a part of the tradition in the islands of Hawaii for a long time. Tats in Hawaii were originally used as a show of status and they were developed using bird beaks and bones of different kinds. In the ancient times, people often chose to get big tattoos on their backs and chests using black colours and designs which have different geometry which had different symbolical meanings.

Hawaiian Tattoo DesignsHawaiian Tattoo Designs

They commonly include artwork based on flowers and different colourful patterns using them, animal based designs which can be in different sizes and also some traditional gods of the islands. Regular visitors often get tattoos of Hawaii gods done on their bodies in order to mark their love and respect for the islands while many others are interested in the tattoos simply for the wide range of colourful patterns and beautiful artwork that is offered by tattoo artists

Flowers and Floral patterns Tattoo
Flowers and Floral patterns

Orchids are one of the types of flower which is popular amongst people getting tattoos. In addition to orchids, the yellow hibiscus flower is another common kind of flower which people go for. The yellow hibiscus flower which is the state flower of Hawaii and the orchids have been popularly used in design artwork which looks like arm bands or other kinds of accessories. Arm bands are the most common form of body art based on accessories of different kinds.

Gods TattooGods

Gods and divine figures have been popular amongst tattoo designs for ages and the rich cultural diversity of Hawaii has involved many gods which are the most common amongst tattoo designs including gods. Tats such as those involving Tiki gods are often used by people as a symbol of respect towards the culture of Hawaii or to symbolize the protection of the specific gods over them. It is a known fact that people often get tattoos based on spiritual ideas.

Animals and habitats
Animals and habitats

The islands have been known for their animal life as well. Tortoises are very commonly witnessed on the beaches and other places in Hawaii. These types of body art are also very popular.

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