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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Excellent Tattoo Designs

Tattoo is not as new as you probably think it is. Its origins can be traced back since prehistoric times. These types of artistic expression have been found among bodies of humans claimed to be existing during the prehistoric era.

The revival of this art form in the 20th century is still ongoing until today. Many are fascinated in adorning their bodies with different kinds and designs of tattoos. Tattoos can be temporary, semi-permanent or permanent. It also comes in different designs ranging from the most general classifications down to the most specific ones.

Are equally beautiful. It would surely relay the message that goes along with the tattoo of your choice. Another feminine tattoo designs are that of fairies. Being believed to be endowed with supernatural powers, fairies are believed to be some sort of guardians and protectors. They also exude a feeling of innocence, beauty and perfection. It is also worn by many to imply goodness and youth.

Another kind of tattoo which displays masculinity is that of a dragon. convey a lot of contrasting meanings. For some it is a perfect symbol for riches and fertility and even power. Having a fierce look, other people associated it with evil and other forms of negativity. Being common among males, many prefer it to be imprinted on the shoulders, chest and the lower back.

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