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Monday, October 25, 2010

Flower, Butterfly and Star Tattoos

Flower, Butterfly and Star Tattoos

Women always want to be sexy with their tattoos. Who can blame them.

An ink on the female’s skin should be an expression of her feminine and strong side which makes her sexy all the way. And when it comes to expressing these qualities, these are the top three choices:

Flowers have always been a symbol of a woman’s beauty. It never fails to shine on her skin, whether it be a red rose, a cherry blossom perhaps or the delicate hibiscus. There are tons of floral varieties and there is always that perfect flower that can match and exemplify a female’s inner feelings and personality. Of course, location always matters. And the thing with flower tattoos is they look great no matter which part of the body they are placed at. Whether it be a lotus hiding on the hip, an orchid blossoming on the rib cage or a floral vine circling on one’s ankle.

Butterflies have always been another original favorite and it still is on the rage up to now. These creatures undeniably make an amazing and meaningful tat piece. They have gorgeous colors, interesting wing patterns and symbolical meanings.

The journey they went through before becoming a butterfly has always been a symbol of rebirth, change and transformation. These are traits that women can always relate to and identify themselves with. That is why, butterfly tattoos would never get tired of fluttering on a woman’s skin.

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