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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eagle Tattoo Designs

Many people may be under the impression that eagle tattoo designs fall under the category of 'old school' body art. This is probably down to the fact that these types of designs have been popular for many decades. Actually, in all honesty, eagles can appeal to a whole plethora of avid ink fans. These designs are always versatile and can be made to adapt well to any part of the body that they are placed.

Eagle Tattoo DesignsEagle Tattoo Designs

To be fair, they tend to appeal more to men. After all, this is a bird that exudes masculinity and powerful prowess, therefore, unless it is toned right down and a part of a more feminine overall design, it may not be quite so suitable for the ladies.

Eagle Tattoo DesignsEagle Tattoo Designs

Eagles almost always encourage gasps of admiration from people when they check out the piece. This magnificent and formidable bird of prey could not translate any better than when it has been strategically placed onto the body. The bird's talons and intricately patterned wings will give the overall impression of a truly magnificent tattoo.

Eagle Tattoo DesignsEagle Tattoo Designs

Some of the most favored places for positioning eagle tattoo designs are on the biceps of the arm; on the back; and even across the chest. The wings of the eagle look very effective as they cover the whole of the side of the arm and if you are after larger tattoos for your next piece, amazing designs can be adapted to fit the most expansive parts of the body.

Eagle Tattoo DesignsEagle Tattoo Designs

The other great thing about eagle tattoos is that they can look equally effective when done with color or in a plain black and grey shading. The silhouette of the eagle is always highly recognisable and this means that eagle tattoo designs will even work well as a tribal piece.

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