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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Love of Vine Flower Tattoo Designs of Both Women

The Love of Vine Flower Tattoo Designs of Both WomenVine flower tattoo designs are terrific for creativity of both the wearer and the artist. These beautiful tiny plants are also a symbol of growth, re-growth and harmony. However, the meaning does tend to vary depending on which type of vine you use.

One of the most commonly seen vine tattoos is of the ivy plant. To the Druids the ivy was seen as a symbolization of purpose; to Christians it is a symbol of man's debility, and his need to cling for support. Most ivy vine flower tattoos designs are done in a coiling style up a leg or arm, you may even now and then see this style growing up the back and shoulders. Granted that ivy is a notoriously good cultivator, you could try something a little uncommon, like wrapping it around a statue, cross, or the legs, hips and arms of a pin up girl. You could even use a individual leaf, or whole vine of poison ivy to intend both beauty and danger.

Some folks favour a wider mixture of color for their vine tattoos. For this you could use large clumps of fiery red Virginia creeper over a broad area of the body; soft sprouts of purple, red, and pink and white sweet pea; or a creeping kudzu with its royal blue, or dark purple, and tail-like blossoms. given the vast array usable, your vine tattoos can be an burst of colors, and feature any combination of these plants; they can be done in stripes down the back, they can be mingled together, or located in their own private part of the body.

Vine flower tattoo designs can be either straight forward, or elaborate. Many individuals choose a monotone technique, sometimes with just a sprinkle of color on the flower. These are often done in short, discreet patterns; a few loose tendrils from a grapevine (a symbolization of abundance), and maybe even a little, purple bunch of the fruit alongside of it. Additional people like to form broad scenes with their vine tattoos; possibly creating an Edenic garden, with angelic creatures walking through the variety of vines. This plant is also commonly used as borders or platforms to additional images, and every now and then even texts, such as poems, quotes and book passages.

While vine tattoos can depict a simple, green plant creeping up and around an appendage, they can also be used as part of an unique picture. What's more is that you will never be short of significance and symbolism when you use these gorgeous plants in your art.

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