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Monday, January 25, 2010

What's wrong with the bermuda triangle?

bermuda triangle maps
Bermuda Triangle is an area of sea in the Atlantic Ocean covering 1.5 million mil2 or 4 million km2, which form the outline triangle between Bermuda (Region territorial United Kingdom) as a point adjacent to the North, Puerto Rico (territory of the United States) As with the point south, and Miami (the state of Florida, United States) as a point in the west.

bermuda triangle maps
Bermuda Triangle in myth as areas MYSTERIOUS, aircraft and ships across the region is often listed as missing for no reason. A lot of speculation related to the loss of aircraft and ships of the Bermuda Triangle speculation that arise include:

A. Methane

The cause of the disappearance of planes and ships mysteriously is the methane gas in the area waters. This theory was published for the first time in 1981 by the United States Geological Investigation.

According to this theory, the Bermuda Triangle area is "Mine Methane", mine is formed when methane gas accumulated beneath the sea floor that nobody can translucent. This gas can escape arrived - arrived when the ocean floor cracked. With incredible strength, pile gas was sprayed into the surface while boiling water, forming compounds METANAHIDRAT. Therefore, the aircraft flying low may be affected by a surge of gas and eventually fell into the sea.


Some say it is a base Bermuda Triangle UFO (Unidentified Flying Object), which is a group of aliens who do not want disturbed man (until now is still a mystery).


This theory says that the friction and turbulence in the ground at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean produces powerful waves. Shock and strong waves could cause loss of balance and lack of aircraft pilots the ability to master the aircraft.


Gravity causes the strong navigation tools in the plane not functioning, so the plane will move abnormally and eventually fell into the sea.


The aircraft crashed because of the holes that suck up time space lost all the material, such as the Black Hole (black hole) that is in the sky.


>> Bomber 7

In 1944, seven bombers during World War II, disappeared after takeoff from Bermuda International Airport on its way from the U.S. to Italy.

>> 5 Aircraft F-19

In December 1945, five military aircraft Flight 19 and one aircraft rescue lost when crossing the area of Bermuda, they took off from Florida and lost in the Bermuda Triangle.

>> Aircraft C -119

Transformation C -119 aircraft Flying Boxcar listed as missing in June 1965, a large aircraft with twin engines of the U.S. Air Force this cargo loaded at 07.47 local time off from Homestead Airport. The plane with 10 crew flies to Grand Turk airport, the Bahamas and is expected to land at 11:23. this plane is nearly completed his journey, radio contact was still there until around 11:00, and strangely. Boxcar never reached destination.

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