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Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Facts About Cats

About Cats
  1. Cats have 30 vertebrae, which is 5 times more than men
  2. Cats have 230 bones, which is 24 times more than men
  3. Cats have no collarbone, which allows entry through the gap as wide as head
  4. Flexibility amazing cat's body, front legs can be rotated in all directions, and half of the body can move in the opposite direction
  5. Cat more sensitive hearing than humans and dogs. Limit the cat auditory 65 kHz, 20 kHz, while human
  6. Cats have the largest eyes in comparison with other mammals (in relation to body size)
  7. Cats can not see in total darkness, but the sharpness of his eyes at night very well.
    Cat's eye has a layer of light perefleksi called the tapetum can serve to reinforce the light entering the retina
  8. Scope of 185-degree view of the cat
  9. Cats have a sense of smell 20-80 million olfactory cells, whereas only 5-20 million people
  10. Normal cats pulse of 110-170 pulses per minute (if you want to check the pulse to do in the hamstrings at the joints that connect the foot with the body)
  11. Cat's breath as much as 20-40 times per minute
  12. Normal cat temperature 102F or 38.8C
  13. Village cat can run at the speed of 31 mile per hour
  14. Cats have a nervous system very sensitive
  15. Cats can jump to a height of 5 times his height
  16. Every cat has a nose pad that is very distinctive, so it will not have two cats penah have the same nose prints
  17. Cats respond better to female calls than men, probably because suata women have a higher peak
  18. People who are allergic to cats in general are allergic to cat saliva
  19. Has been scientifically proven that stroking a cat is one way of lowering our blood pressure
  20. Averaging 15-16 years of age cat
  21. To determine the age of equality with the age of the cat, start with the age of 20 years as a cat's first year, then add 4 human years of age for each age in cats. For example: If your cat was 4 years old is equivalent to 20 years (to age 1 year) plus 3 x 4 years, which is equivalent to the age of 32 years on

source: kaskus.us

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