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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Unique Furniture - Instant Chairs

Never imagined that the cost of sending this beautiful chair may not be more expensive than sending your monthly magazine? Okay, maybe a little heavier but still cheaper too!
Pack Chair is the chair of the world's first instant that is easy to carry anywhere, and when the time needed seats will be available.

Unique Furniture - Instant Chairs
The chair is in the form of a roll in a transparent box that is very easy to carry and when should be sent abroad are also very cheap. To make a chair, remove the roll (of cloth) is available and press the button on the side, it will automatically roll into a chair that would be like the chair you sit in general.

Unique Furniture - Instant Chairs
The chemical reaction of the material in it will react and make the inside of the chair will be strengthened only in a few seconds. Please remember, this is not the concept loh but a product that had been exhibited at the exhibition "Paris / Design in Mutation" discoverer, Fran├žois Azambourg has even patented this product but did not know when Pack Chair will begin the public sale.

source : http://eksplorasi-dunia.blogspot.com/2009/11/kursi-instan-unik.html

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